At Central Park Recycling we will provide a land fill free and ecologically friendly process for you to manage the end of life of nickel cadmium vented cells. Our commitment to the environment led the company to become one of the first battery recyclers in Ontario to receive an Environmental Compliance of Approval from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) in April of 2019 to dissamble Nickel Cadmium Wet Cell batteries (UN 2795).
Our process starts with sorting of the various types and grades of vented NiCd cells received. The cells are then drained of the solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH) in distilled water which is collected and resold as a raw material. The internal components are then separated from the plastic housing. The plastic housing is shredded and resold as raw material to the plastics industry

The internal components consist of positive plates that are made from a porous plaque on which nickel-hydroxide has been deposited and negative plates which are made from similar plaques on which cadmium-hydroxide is deposited. The positive plates are processed to reclaim the nickel which is then sold as a raw material. The negative plates are further processed to produce metal cadmium as ingots.

When getting your batteries ready for transport please note that cells may be stacked to a maximum of three layers high on a skid with cardboard on top of each layer. The cells must be secured using shrink-wrap and plastic banding. (UN No. 2795, Class 8, ERG #154, Ontario waste class code–Ontario Exempt, Approx. Weight 2-70 lbs).